Ethical Channel / Reporting Channel


GARATGE PLANA, SA informs its workers, customers, suppliers and all third parties who collaborate with the company, that, with the aim of ensuring compliance at all times with current legal regulations and the company's Code of Ethics, an open channel of direct communication with the Compliance Committee has been set up through which alleged irregularities or breaches of the Code of Ethics and/or current laws and regulations that are detected or suspected within the company's normal activity can be reported. Thus, the ETHICAL CHANNEL/REPORTING CHANNEL OF GARATGE PLANA, SA, set up for the purpose 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is as follows:


Ordinary mail: Pol. Ind. Pont del Príncipe, Carrer Ponent, 22, 17469 Vilamalla (Girona)

All communications made through the Ethics/Reporting Channel, the data provided and the identity of the reporting parties will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and privacy, in accordance with current laws and regulations.

In this regard, all communication must contain at least the following data:

1. Identity of the person reporting the breach, except in cases where they prefer to do so anonymously, and contact details to inform them of the relevant procedures and the result of the report.

2. Identity of the person or persons involved in the breach, whenever possible.

3. Facts and reasons for the report, specifying, as far as possible, the irregularities, breach of regulations or violation of rules detected.

4. Proof of the alleged facts reported (documents, witnesses, etc.).

5. Place and date of the report and the alleged facts.