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Intellectual and industrial property:

The entire content of this website is protected by industrial and intellectual property rights which must be respected by its users. It is forbidden to reproduce (except for private use), disclose or distribute the materials contained on this website without the express authorisation of GARATGE PLANA S.L.

Responsibility for the links:

GARATGE PLANA S.L. includes on its website a series of links to its customers and suppliers web pages with the sole intention of advertising the work carried out which has been requested by the said customers and suppliers. GARATGE PLANA S.L. cannot be held liable for the commercial information contained on these sites or any of the services or practices associated with or related to the linked web pages.

Data protection:

In accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December on the Protection of Data of a Personal Nature, we inform you that your personal data is incorporated into files owned by GARATGE PLANA S.L., with the purpose of properly attending to your demands for information and the preparation of any quotes you may request from us. In order to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition envisaged in the Law you should write to C/ Ponent, 22, 17469, Vilamalla, Girona.

Advertising on the Internet

Both on the websites owned and operated by GARATGE PLANA S.L. and on non-affiliated websites, GARATGE PLANA displays advertising based on the user’s interests, generated by means of the information you provide us with when you interact with our websites, contents and services. Advertising based on the user’s interests, sometimes also called custom or targeted adverts, is generated and displayed upon the basis of information collected from activities such as purchasing on our websites, the use of devices, apps and software, visiting websites which include contents or advertisements related to GARATGE PLANA and the use of our payment services.

Just like other Internet advertising networks, we use cookies, web beacons (also known as action tags or single-pixel gifs) and other technology (together known as, “cookies”). Cookies enable us to know which adverts you see and click on, as well as to identify other actions you perform on our websites and on those of others. This allows us to offer you more useful and appropriate adverts. For example, if we know which adverts we show you, we can be careful not to show you the same ones over and again.

We do not relate your interaction on non-affiliated websites to your identity when offering targeted advertising.

We do not provide any personal information to advertisers or third-party websites which show our advertising based on our users’ interests. However, advertisers and other third parties (including advertising networks, companies which manage and send advertising and other service providers we use) could assume that users who interact with or click on a personalised advertisement or content form part of the group to which the advert or content is targeted (e.g. users from a particular geographical region or users who have bought or searched for classical music). In addition, some third parties could provide us with information about you (such as information of a demographic nature or the websites on which you have been shown adverts) from sources on the Internet or other sources which we use to offer more useful and appropriate adverts.

Third party advertisers or advertising companies which offer these services sometimes use technical resources to send the adverts which appear on our websites directly to your browser.
 When this happens, they automatically receive your IP address. They could also use cookies to measure the effectiveness of their advertising and to customise the content of the adverts. We do not have access to or control of the cookies or other mechanisms used by the advertisers and third parties websites, and the practices of these advertisers and third-party websites with regard to the processing of information are not covered by our Privacy Notice or by this page on cookies and Internet advertising. For additional information on their privacy practices, please contact them directly.

Advertising preferences

GARATGE PLANA S.L. offers you various options for receiving personalised advertising. You can choose not to receive this kind of advertising from GARATGE PLANA (do so here). In this case, you will continue to see adverts, but they will not be personalised.


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There are instructions available for configuring how Chrome / Chromium, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, the most widely-used browsers, work with the cookies. For other programs you can view the help documentation specific to each browser. cannot be held liable for the content and accuracy of the privacy policies of the companies operating the services which install third-party cookies on this website. Below appears a detailed list of the cookies used on this website. Depending on the browsing patterns of each user,  some or all of them are installed:

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